The CCC has refused to launch delivery as of today March 21st 2020. The lines at the cannabis dispensary's are 100 deep (Virus included). The CCC closes their offices for protection against the pandemic but allow dispensary's to create waiting lines 100 people deep. This is how idiots think. The people in charge at the CCC could care less about your health, they care about their's but not yours. Tax dollars first, peoples health second. If they cared they would not allow 3 hour lines waiting to buy cannabis. How selfish and how irresponsible. We the people have the responsibility to end this virus but no one at the CCC has even offered a solution. Well, Channel 5 will get it done. They have video taped the lines today and after the story breaks tonight some heads will roll! Can you imagine while the governor is on TV all day, there are lines of 80 people deep waiting to buy cannabis at ALL DISPENSARY'S. Wake up you un-educated appointees. Wake the *&^%$ up! Matt you need to get delivery launched at once. Seeing 80 people lined up to buy cannabis is not a good look. 


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2 days later Gov Baker closed Recreational use as it was discovered that those long lines were actually buyers from bordering states where recreational use is still illegal. Thank you Governor Baker! Let's get delivery rolled out soon!!!!!


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A KarCall comapny